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Las Vegas Night Guards

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? Bruxism, or the chronic grinding of teeth, is a condition that affects over 30 million across the US alone. One of the difficulties associated with bruxism is that it is often not detected until its effects on the teeth, jaws, or facial muscles begin to become more pronounced. At Smile Designers of Las Vegas, our dentists have years of experience and provide a sweeping range of advanced dental services. Prepared to diagnose and treat bruxism, our talented dentists and compassionate staff welcome you to our office to receive the exceptional quality care we believe you deserve. With an easy to wear set of Las Vegas night guards, we can help curb your grinding habit.

Las Vegas Night Guards

When left unaddressed, over time bruxism can result in deleterious effects on your oral health. Chronic grinding can lead to excessive wear in the teeth, and even damage restorative fillings or dental crowns. Bruxism can also contribute to the development of TMJ, a degenerative jaw-joint disorder that requires additional therapy to treat. And the effects of bruxism aren’t strictly limited to your teeth and jaws. As the surrounding muscle becomes tense, it’s possible for chronic headaches, migraines or neck pain to result. As your dentist, we’re fully equipped to diagnose and effectively treat your bruxism before it gets any worse. With a customized set of Las Vegas night guards, your jaws can be comfortably held apart while you sleep, eliminating the possibility of grinding. And because they’re designed by your dentist, you can rest assured that your night guards are carefully contoured to fit comfortably, without compromising the health of your smile.

If you clench or grind your teeth at night, it’s an excellent idea to meet with us to learn more about our custom Las Vegas night guards. For the professional evaluation and treatment of bruxism, plan on scheduling your next appointment at Smile Designers of Las Vegas today!

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