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Spring Valley Teeth Cleaning

Where can I get a Spring Valley teeth cleaning?

When it is time for your Spring Valley teeth cleaning treatment, you can rely on the expertise of Dr. Michael Duboff of Smile Designers of Las Vegas. Whether you are looking to maintain your already healthy smile, or you need more extensive therapeutic services, Smile Designers of Las Vegas can help! We utilize the most advanced technologies available in modern dentistry; all your needs can be address with our state-of-the-art dental and periodontal cleanings. We are proud of our reputation for success in keeping our patients’ smiles healthy and beautiful, and we are committed to maintaining that standard every day. Make Smile Designers of Las Vegas your first choice for dental care.

Spring Valley Teeth Cleaning

We treat each of our patients with our comprehensive preventive program. Your semi-annual Spring Valley teeth cleaning treatment – the preventive schedule recommended by the American Dental Association – will include a thorough smile examination and oral cancer screening. When you schedule your twice-a-year dental checkups, you can more effectively prevent the onset of tooth decay and gum disease!

Periodontal teeth cleaning treatments may become necessary when a patient’s individual needs have exceeded what a standard dental cleaning can provide. Dr. Duboff may only recommend some advanced periodontal therapy, and an increase in at-home brushing and flossing maintenance for cases of gingivitis were no significant damage has occurred. However, if gingivitis has progressed to an advanced stage of periodontitis, you may require more extensive periodontal cleaning treatments and other remedial therapy to halt and begin to correct the adverse condition.

Living in Las Vegas includes wanting to maintain the health of your gorgeous smile!  Scheduling your bi-annual Spring Valley teeth cleaning appointments at Smile Designers of Las Vegas can help you achieve that goal. Please call our office today for more information about our comprehensive dental healthcare and to conveniently set a date for your next visit.


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